Haiti Advocacy Working Group develops key background documents


The Haiti Advocacy Working Group, of which Grassroots International is a vital member, formed shortly after the devastating January 12, 2010 earthquake to coordinate advocacy efforts for effective and just disaster relief, reconstruction and long-term U.S. development policy toward Haiti.
Composed of more than 30 diverse groups representing a wide cross-section of the NGO community, the HAWG has focused on the following priority areas:
• Promoting Haitian civil society inclusion and leadership in relief and reconstruction
• Prioritizing rural and agricultural development needs
• Encouraging local procurement and decentralization of aid
• Supporting fair immigration policy for Haitians
• Raising awareness on gender and women’s issues
• Ensuring support through U.S. and multilateral aid commitments and full debt relief
• Promoting safe, sanitary and adequate shelter
Here is a link to the materials prepared by the HAWG for a Congressional hearing sponsored by the Congressional Black Caucus entitled “Focus on Haiti: The Road to Recovery - A Six Month Review.” Grassroots International partner, Camille Chalmers of the Haitian Platform for Alternative Development, testified at that hearing.
hawg_packet_for_july_27_haiti_hearing.pdf1.82 MB