2013 Annual Report: Planting the Seeds of Global Justice

Grassroots International and its supporters pursue justice by supporting rural and indigenous people (especially women) around the world in their struggle for resource rights — namely, a fair share of the earth’s land, water and food and the sustainable stewardship of these precious, life-giving resources. To win, they must overcome powerful interests. That is why political organizing and protection for human rights cannot be separated from the act of sowing seeds in the ground.

Some 30 years ago, Grassroots International sprouted from the radical notion of partnership with those on the front lines of the world’s most critical struggles. And thanks to your support, Grassroots International grew from a progressive initiative engaging in Lebanon and the Horn of Africa into a leading supporter of international movements for social change.

The impact you’ve made extends beyond the $41 million in grants and material aid awarded to hundreds of effective grassroots organizations worldwide. It reaches fisher communities in Brazil, youth in Palestine, peasant farmers in Haiti, women in India, indigenous peoples in Guatemala and even family farmers in the US.

You can read more about activities around the globe in the pages of this Annual Report and see what you’ve helped accomplish recently, and over the last 30 years. With the stakes ever higher for our collective future, here are some highlights from 2013:

  • Provided partners and grantees with over $1.4 million in cash grants and material aid in addition to our advocacy work for climate justice, food sovereignty and human rights. This is a 15 percent increase from Fiscal Year 2012.
  • Continued to maximize the impact of donations received, devoting more than 70 percent of our spending to program services.
  • Facilitated cross-border learning exchanges and gatherings in Africa, Latin America and Asia.
  • Amplified the voices of our partners in policy discussions, particularly around trade, climate justice and food.
  • Supported a growing network of small farmers, women, indigenous groups and human rights advocates working for food sovereignty and resource rights worldwide.
  • Celebrate 30 years of support for global justice!

In addition to our Annual Report, please refer to our Financial Report and our Form 990.

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