Download Food for Thought and Action: A Food Sovereignty Curriculum

Our global food system is terribly broken. Together, we can fix it!

Thank you for your interest in Food for Thought and Action: A Food Sovereignty Curriculum! Below you will find the modules, factsheets, and other materials that make up the curriculum. You can also download a flyer announcing the launch of our the curriculum which you can send to your friends.

Of course we encourage you to read the curriculum in its entirety, but if pressed for time and you would rather go directly to the most relevant modules, we do highly recommend that you download and read the Overview section, which includes tips about how best to use the curriculum.

Food for Thought and Action: All modules and factsheets (ZIP)3.3 MB
Overview: How to Use Curriculum and Introductory Exercises972.98 KB
Factsheet: Food Sovereignty is Local Control!97.71 KB
Module 1: Consumers710.29 KB
Factsheet 1: Why Should Consumers Care About Agriculture and Trade Policy?77.43 KB
Module 2: Faith and Anti-Hunger Groups512.35 KB
Factsheet 2: What Can Faith-based and Anti-hunger Activists Do to Sustainably Feed the World?83.49 KB
Module 3: Environmentalists642.77 KB
Factsheet 3: Why Is a New Agricultural Policy Relevant to Environmentalists?81.44 KB
Module 4: Small Farmers and Farmworkers422.52 KB
Factsheet 4: Farming and Trade Policy – What Is the Impact on Family Farmers?76.85 KB
Next Steps: What I / We Can Do to Help Build the Food Sovereignty Movement115.51 KB
The 6 Food Sovereignty Principles44.21 KB