Land and Hunger: Making the Rights Connection

The rights to food and water are among the most fundamental human rights. Life, dignity and freedom simply cannot exist where people do not have adequate sustenance. Struggles over land and water are at the heart of many conflicts around the world, including many that are often perceived as religious, ethnic or political struggles.

Our Land and Hunger: Making the Rights Connection workshop is designed to help participants understand the threats to millions of families around the world living without adequate access to land and water. Equally important, we learn how effective organizing through powerful movements can guarantee these basic rights.

This workshop curriculum, following the examples of our effective grassroots partner organizations in the Caribbean, Mesoamerica, South America and the Middle East, illustrates the connections between access to resources like food, water, land and seeds and issues of empowerment, the environment, liberation and human rights. In the process of making these linkages, we tap wells of hope. There is an alternative to denying basic rights. Another world is indeed possible.

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