Grantees: Partners and Projects

Grassroots International strengthens local organizations that are part of broad social justice movements working for the human right to land, water and food. Through a vibrant grantmaking and advoacy program, we support some of the most dynamic and effective small farmer and indigenous people’s organizations around the world.

Grassroots takes a partnership-based approach to grantmaking because we believe long-term, consistent support is vital to longterm social change. Central to our partner-relationships is Grassroots’ commitment to transfer resources from donors in the United States to movements in the Global South. By offering long-term, consistent support, grassroots organizations are able to develop the infrastructure and projects needed to ensure their viability and effectiveness in the social movements in which they participate and lead.

We understand poverty and related human rights abuses to be caused by power imbalances corrected through grassroots organizing coalescing in social movements. We fully support development projects nested in social movement strategies.  For lasting social change, Grassroots supports multi-year and even multi-decade partnerships.

The attached PDF provides details on our plans in this area for the coming year.

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