Giving to Grassroots International

Our work depends on generous donors like you. Your gift supports visionary democratic social change movements and grassroots organizations advancing human rights around the world.

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How can I give to Grassroots International?

There are many ways to support our work:

Where does the money go?

Your gift to Grassroots International goes directly to supporting community-based solutions and local initiatives around the world working toward:

What makes Grassroots International different?

Grassroots International does not mount large operations or open offices overseas. We believe that social change starts at the grassroots, so we build partnerships with community-based organizations and movements. This "ground-up" approach allows for local community members to have ownership in bettering their communities and to help them achieve the goals they set.

Do you have more questions about donating?

For more information please refer to our latest annual report or 990.

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All donations are tax-deductible, and every gift, regardless of the amount, is essential to our work.