Haitian Platform to Advocate Alternative Development (PAPDA)

The Haitian Platform to Advocate Alternative Development (PAPDA) is a coalition of nine Haitian popular and non-governmental organizations which work with the Haitian popular movement to develop alternatives to the neo-liberal model of economic globalization. When the Haitian government moved to privatize certain industries, PAPDA worked with the unions and the business community to create strategies that would improve production and minimize cost without privatization. The coalition has worked with the agricultural sector to devise ways of producing and selling indigenous Haitian crops and protecting Haitian farmers from cheap imported grains.

PAPDA has acquired an international reputation as the only Haitian NGO that has both a well-researched and documented critique of structural adjustment policies and a concrete set of alternatives to these policies.

Activities include research and documentation of economic problems, consultation and strategizing, public education and communications, lobbying officials, and international networking. Grassroots is currently supporting PAPDA's Globalization and Food Security project to promote alternatives for Haiti.