Union of Agricultural Work Committees (UAWC)

One of Grassroots International’s newest partners, the Union of Agricultural Work Committees (UAWC), was established in 1986. UAWC works to improve the social and economic situation of Palestinian farmers that is a result of the marginalization of agriculture and confiscation of land and water resources under Israeli occupation.

UAWC also helps Palestinian farmers market their produce and provides agricultural employment and training opportunities through cooperation agreements with domestic, Arab and international agricultural development institutions.

The UAWC forms local agricultural committees in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. The committees assess local farmers’ priorities and involve them in implementing self-help programs and community activities.

They have prioritized their work around five main areas:

  • Sustainable development to minimize reliance on food aid and emergency and relief projects
  • Creating work opportunities
  • Holistic rural development
  • Empowering and developing women’s skills and capacities
  • Connecting youth to the land

With these priorities in mind, Grassroots International supports UAWC’s efforts towards land reclamation and land development, food security, equitable water access through projects like digging and rehabilitating wells and processing gray water and education and income generation through raising honey bees.