Chad Uhlenhopp Jones


Chad is a Santa Fe-based economist, writer and donor organizer and has worked with multiple national, progressive foundations investing in workers rights, immigrant rights, and increasing political participation and expanding the electorate to more fully realize democracy and social justice. As the grandson of a Tuskegee Airman, son of a former diplomat and generations of women who teach, Chad is a descendent of integrated schools and U.S. foreign policy.

He roots for the unexpected, unpredictable, and the underdog. He is a member of the Black Immigration Network, Resource Generation, and the Freelancers Union. Chad is also on the Board of stone circles at the Stone House in Mebane, NC, and previously served on the Board of Resource Generation.
Chad lives in Santa Fe with his partner, living a life full of green chile and sopapillas, hiking and hot springs. He frequents the public library, small farms, and the grocery store. He cherishes opportunities that blend economics and history, which he studied at Macalester College in the Twin Cities and the University of Colorado, Boulder.